Toyota robot can play violin

In the science-fiction films Terminator 1-3 with Arnold Schwarzenegger and I, Robot with Will Smith was shown the audience, which allows us to develop humanoid robots can bring. In the Terminator films independent of the machines and try to destroy mankind. In the movie I, Robot, however, the robots are helping the human beings. Everywhere you can find them there, in the household, on the street, in the train, etc. Similar probably had visions of the Japanese car company Toyota, as it is consistent with the development of humanoid robots began. In a presentation in Tokyo showed the company is now a 1.52-metre human-robot, based on a real violin a piece of “Pomp and Circumstance” played. Here he moved his body in a wheelchair Rhythmus. Also on two wheels presented the company. The driver rolls his elegant, holding the balance, including through un wegsameres Centre. The wheelchair can, even with the remote control caused by its owners. Automatically he to his owners and lowers the seat for easy boarding. Toyota dreaming of robots to develop the people. They are in hospitals, retirement homes, home and in factories used. As early as next year, with Toyota first tests in hospitals. In the year 2010, then the first models to market. Already at the end of the next decade, the robot cars next to its core business. This will be a private research center built and the number of employees in this project are approximately 200 double. Only recently concluded a group of car robotics cooperation with Sony. Among the pioneers of the robot research belongs to the Japanese car manufacturer Honda. This began in the’80s with the research. Other companies involved in research in this field, including Fujitsu, NEC and Hitachi.