A robot that operates with a brain composed of neurons in rat

Robot Cerveau Neurones Rat #1A robot operating with a small brain composed of living rat neurons able to ‘learn’ behavior as avoiding a wall, was developed at the University of Reading (England) by followers of Frankenstein.
“We have already given him a certain learning by repetition, since it reproduces certain actions”, told AFP the head of the multidisciplinary team, Kevin Warwick. “But now we want him to learn behavior,” he said.
The brain’s biological robot, named Gordon, was created from neurons taken from a rat. They were placed in a solution, separated and then placed on a bed of sixty electrodes. “Within 24 hours,” said the researcher, drove connections between them, “forming a network as in a normal brain. And “in one week there have been spontaneous electrical impulses and what appeared to be a regular activity of the brain.”
“We used this reaction to link the brain to robot with electrodes. Now, the brain controls the robot, and it learns by repetition, “says the scientist.