A path mapped out for any robot

http://www.art.eonworks.com/gallery/concept/military_robot_design-200316-SM.jpgThe company is a leader in the field of domestic and military robot. It relies on its model vacuum to invest European homes. robot is not one of these start-ups that surfing the past few years alone on the new wave of robots. As explained in the preamble to Expansion in an interview with the CEO and co-founder Colin Angle, robot has become in 18 years the first global robotics company with 450 employees and an annual turnover of nearly 250 million dollars. ” His weapon of conquest, or rather its weapons? On the one hand, robots developed for military purposes, including for demeaning operations of the U.S. military in Iraq. On the other hand, domestic models capable of performing the tasks of daily less favorable. Roomba, its best-selling product, aspires dust in full autonomy, also using an algorithm originally developed for robots mine detectors. Continue reading

Toyota robot can play violin

In the science-fiction films Terminator 1-3 with Arnold Schwarzenegger and I, Robot with Will Smith was shown the audience, which allows us to develop humanoid robots can bring. In the Terminator films independent of the machines and try to destroy mankind. In the movie I, Robot, however, the robots are helping the human beings. Everywhere you can find them there, in the household, on the street, in the train, etc. Similar probably had visions of the Japanese car company Toyota, as it is consistent with the development of humanoid robots began. In a presentation in Tokyo showed the company is now a 1.52-metre human-robot, based on a real violin a piece of “Pomp and Circumstance” played. Here he moved his body in a wheelchair Rhythmus. Also on two wheels presented the company. Continue reading