Learn like a child for a robot

Learn like a child for a robotRobot Wednesday was organized by Syrobo (Union of Robotics Services) in partnership with FING. This time the theme is “Learn as a child for a robot”And thus incorporates the topics that are theArtificial Intelligence (AI) and developmental robotics.
This new robot is held on Wednesday Wednesday, February 17, 2010 from 18H the ISIR (near the University of Jussieu in Paris):

Access Tour 65 – 3rd floor – hallway 65 – 66 – room 304.
4 Place Jussieu – Paris
Metro Jussieu Lines 7 and 10
With the assistance of:Learn like a child for a robot1

* Raja Chatila – CNRS
* David Filliat – ENSTA
* Pierre-Yves Oudeyer – INRIA
* Jean-Christophe Baillie – Gostai

Detailed Program :

Developmental robotics: Instead of inculcating thousands of rules to be applied to the robot, the robot learns by itself rules based on experience and its interaction with its environment, the image of young children.

18:30: 4 presentations, 4 light on AI and robotics Developmental:
Raja Chatila, research director at CNRS – Overview of robotics research in France
Jean-Christophe Baillie, CEO, Founder of Gostai – From HAL9000 David, the robot child
David Filliat, Teacher, Researcher ENSTA – Learning to see and recognize a robot
Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, Researcher at INRIA – How a robot can learn new things by himself?

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