Numents, AI nearest human brain

NuPIC is based on a new architecture called hierarchical temporal memory (Hierarchical Temporal Memory, or HTM). Jeff Hawkins explained the biological basis of HTM in his book “On Intelligence”, published in 2004. Briefly, HTM technology establishes models of the world in a hierarchical architecture using spatio-temporal memory, similar to how information is learned and stored in the neocortex. These models can be used for inference and prediction, and to solve complex problems, currently insurmountable. “The HTMS learn by observation, like a child” says Hawkins. “You do not HTMS program as you program a computer. Using software tools, the HTMS learn through exposure to sensory data. The resultant opportunities will be largely determined by the spectrum of data that the system has been exposed.” The white papers on the theory and technology of HTM are available on the site
Hawkins numents founded in 2005 with Dileep George, and the President of numents, Donna Dubinsky. George’s work in mathematics has helped to extend and validate the theory of biological Hawkins. George is continuing to evolve the learning algorithms numents.
Numents offers a free search NuPIC developers, scientists, and engineers to encourage experimentation and development. NuPIC The platform consists of a set of tools, a runtime engine, documentation and examples (very explixcites elsewhere). The software is available for Linux and Mac OS, and is written in C + + and python. The source code of several components is available. The software can be downloaded from the website numents,
The website also includes numents support tools for developers, including a forum, wikis, and a blog written by team members numents. Numents encourages developers to become active participants, sharing their work, report bugs and contribute to the forum. In addition, numents offers a special program Partner Program, which pays off and enables registered to receive technical support and high-end custom.
About numents
Numents was founded in 2005 by veterans Jeff Hawkins and Donna Dubinsky (founders Palm Computing and Handspring), Dileep George, a graduate of Stanford University. The company has developed numents Platform for Intelligent Computing (NuPIC), a platform for calculating the second generation based on the theory of the neocortex, first described in 2004 in the book “On Intelligence” by Hawkins. The term comes from numents “mentis,” the Latin word for “spirit” (in French, mind). Numents is based in Menlo Park, California.