The Kondo KHR was one of the coolest robots ever made

Be one of the first in the world to own the latest humanoid robot by Kondo Robotics. The Kondo KHR-1 was one of the coolest robots ever made. It appeared countless times on Japanese, Korean and European television networks, making it one of the most highly publicized ever robots. Now, the KHR-2 HV has taken over with more sophisticated servos and an easier to use control interface. Due to its ease of assembly and configuration, the KHR-2 HV is considered a great robot for beginners and educators alike, and can easily be assembled and configured by anyone. Why KHR-2 HV? The KHR-1 has been the robot of choice for the “Robo-One” contests throughout Greater Asia, bringing home countless first place prizes for contestants from all over the world. Visit the official Robo-One website for more information:

Now, it has been redesigned with better gears, servos, and software, that makes emulating human-like movements, such as walking, somersaulting, climbing steps, and back flips, to be as easy as assembling the robot and plugging it into your computer . Like its predecessor, the KHR-2 HV can be programmed through its easy to use GUI programming software, and can be controlled via remote control or PC.