Will we soon live surrounded by robots?

Maisonnier Bruno, President of Aldebaran Robotics, is convinced and says to anyone who will listen that robots will play a crucial role in our environment, both professional and private, in the near future. They should be able to read your emails, organize your appointments, but also to recite their lessons to your children, or even play poker. And, of course, you fly to plate couture.

According Maisonnier to be accepted, a robot must be humanoid and be equipped with two arms and two legs. At least as well as the collective conscience represents. And so is the very first copy of the final project, which began on 8 December. 

Weighing 4 kg, Nao – is his name – you look at the top of its 57 centimeters and is capable of recognizing its partners and friends. This big baby genius moves easily, even if it has not yet learned to descend stairs, expressed through gestures very convincing and a lot of realism, and it is able to sketch a dance with music he likes.

Equipped with the latest technology in speech recognition and writing, it can read mail in some twenty languages and obey your instructions. As for her eyes, it is also yours as it can turn into a webcam ultra-sophisticated and send you everything he sees through the Internet, very useful for monitoring your apartment during your holiday (in the special case where Of course, you decide not to take it with you).

According to the researcher, the time is not far off when we remember with nostalgia the days when robots were a few toys or machines, vacuum cleaners or lawn mowers. These devices should soon be outmoded premises of real humanoid robots that will assist us soon, as were the first computers to tubes 50 years compared to the revolution that has transformed the world forty years later. He believes that in this new area, Europe and France will play a leading role thanks to their research teams in the areas of software and cognitive sciences, but also in those of mechanics, mechatronics and sensors.

The first target is the science and research in cognitive. Maisonnier believes that the first fruits of this experience and the collaboration that will result will enrich Nao and clones new features. The robot will then be sold for an amount of 12,000 to 15,000 euros each.

Nao will then be proposed to the mass market for less than 3000 euros, and from the third quarter of 2008. Maisonnier believes that the market for domestic robots be between 30,000 and 60,000 units per year, and that their introduction will be among individuals with a passion provoked by the intellectual challenge they represent. “They can enjoy the program, to compete with him in the context of virtual games or not, develop applications. Its development and enrichment are fundamental. It is currently impossible to learn alone. His behavior, his intelligence and abilities of decision flow of programs and software applications that have been downloaded before, “says President of Aldebaran Robotics, not hesitating to suggest a situation comparable to that which accompanied the introduction of first home computers.