Makeing own karaoke files with robotic software

Microphone in hand, the time of a song, you are the star.

You do not remember the lyrics? Regardless, they appear on the screen before you. Now, to you, and even organize parties at home, your computer will suffice.

On the Internet you can, of course, find hundreds of files ready to use.

But you’re dependent on what already exists: if no one has addressed your
favorite song into a karaoke file is useless.

Therefore, we suggest creating your own karaoke files from your favorite audio CD with  Karaoke software. Karaoke software is possible to work with MP3 files (which are easily obtained from a CD-Audio) and synchronize the music with the words, syllable after syllable. With a little practice and patience, the end result is very close to a karaoke “official.” You’ll then reduce to the maximum (or) voice of the singer on the original MP3 file, with the Karaoke software . You can play the voice and break the house!

In general Karaoke softwares are work on the following terms to complete the making of Karaoke:

Install a Karaoke software

* Prepare the MP3 file and text words

* Synchronize the lyrics with music

* Reduce the singer’s voice