Gigantor by Daniel Roganti

robot_wont_fall_down-150x150This is the second of my Bipedal robots. Pinocchio is my first and Giantor is my second. The construction for the Biped robots are based mostly on materials supplied by PLASTRUCT. Although some parts, such as the Torso and feet came elsewhere. The Torso is from a plastic toy pail I found in Toys R Us . The feet are acrylic soup bowls I found in the grocery store, they’re made by arrow Plastic in Illinois. The plastic materials allow me to customize my own design, with structural integrity , and while keeping the weight reduced. There are currently 2 prototypes which demonstrate bipedal locomotion using a gait similiar to people. I designed this using static equilibrium to simulate the walking gait of a human.

Pygmalion: A New Mobile Robot

Design Principles

imagesComputers stay normally where they are. Man-machine interactions depend thus only on the part of the human being. On the other hand, autonomous mobile robots have a radically expanded work space, shared with that one of human beings. It enables them to initiate an interaction by themselves. This gives rise to a new kind of man-machine interactions under circumstances which would not have happened otherwise, for instance with people without technical experience. It is therefore desirable to design mobile robots in a deliberative way, keeping their appearance friendly, decent and not dangerous.  Continue reading

Software for Statistics of 3-D Human Body Forms

HTsecularThe “secular change” refers to the phenomenon that the physical characteristics of the human body changes in a long period of time compared to the human longevity. The most well observed secular change is that of the stature. In many countries in the world, stature has been increasing in last 100 years.  Figure 1 shows the changes in the mean stature of adult male Continue reading

Microsoft Hosted CRM

Microsoft crm host is a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system which gives users the capability to easily create and maintain a clear view of customers. The initial contacts made to sales and after-sales service. With tools to help you improve the process of sales, from marketing and customer service – and with the integration of Microsoft Outlook – Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you a fast, flexible and accessible. Microsoft Dynamics CRM will help you to make sustained and measurable improvements in your daily business processes.

Key features of Microsoft Hosted CRM
-Productivity of remote and in-house sales and support workers is increased
-The CRM system is constantly updated with current information Continue reading

When robots work with Intelligent Building & Designing !

The time when robots will serve as a personal assistant may not be so far away. Shimizu Corp.. and Yaskawa Electric Corp.. just opened a demonstration called "Smart Showroom. This place is the first stage of the project "Robotics Smart Building" which aims to provide many services in a comfortable environment,photo comforter , combining robotics technology infrastructure intelligent.
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Things to consider when buying a laptop

The laptops allow you to work wherever you want, without having to be tied to a desk. In addition to their mobility, the performance they reach today, makes them an attractive alternative to desktop computers for the majority of uses, from office to multimedia via the Internet and games.

If the number of elements to consider when choosing a laptop is not as high and as complicated to choose a desktop computer, the fact remains that you have to find where Cheap Laptops and Computer Sales is available and certain criteria must be examined closely. Continue reading