DARPA Mobile Autonomous Robot Software

rmp2NIST is developing metrics, measures, data, and analysis methods to quantitatively evaluate component technologies and integration strategies in order to accelerate the development of intelligent behaviors in unmanned vehicle systems.

Our main thrust areas are the following:

1. Task Analysis for Driving

  • Task decomposition and path planning methods and algorithms
  • Real/Virtual worlds for on-road driving
  • Road map for autonomous on-road driving technology requirements

2. Calibrated Data Collection & Dissemination

  • Data collection in various environments and scenarios
  • Field support for autonomous mobility testbeds

3. Performance Metrics

  • Ground Truth and Benchmarking for Evaluation of Sensory Processing Algorithms
  • Technology evaluation testbeds and performance measures
  • Human Intervention Analysis and Evaluation of Human-Robot Interaction
  • PerMIS Workshops (Performance Metrics for Intelligent Systems)

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