Microsoft Hosted CRM

Microsoft crm host is a fully integrated customer relationship management (CRM) system which gives users the capability to easily create and maintain a clear view of customers. The initial contacts made to sales and after-sales service. With tools to help you improve the process of sales, from marketing and customer service – and with the integration of Microsoft Outlook – Microsoft Dynamics CRM gives you a fast, flexible and accessible. Microsoft Dynamics CRM will help you to make sustained and measurable improvements in your daily business processes.

Key features of Microsoft Hosted CRM
-Productivity of remote and in-house sales and support workers is increased
-The CRM system is constantly updated with current information
-The Workflow capabilities in CRM drive efficiencies through the organization and improve the customer experience
-Employees have access to live information for service and contact details.
Hosted software application.
-To do items are automatically assigned and recorded so that sales, marketing and support staff do not have to remember every specific task
-Roving CRM 4 users can access their CRM system via their mobile devices, whether BlackBerry or PDAs
-Customize CRM Data right inside Visual Studio:CRM customization tools are pretty cool in a sense that it allow you to customize the CRM with just a few clicks. Improve your efficiency and ease of coding when developing applications in Microsoft Visual Studio which make use of the Microsoft CRMVisual studio team foundation server includes stability and security enhancements made in many areas .This also includes new features, including work item custom controls, an extranet support feature, Microsoft Office support, performance and scalability improvements, a more detailed merge history, and the ability to move SQL.