A “two-legged robot” to rake the moon in 2020

The Japanese government plans to send to the moon by 2020 robot “two legs” to explore the field in order to later install a Japanese home.

“We want to send on moon astre biped robot to carry out extensive observations of the soil and the environment in order to put in place then a human science,” said a document in a group governmental work. “Subsequently, we want them to work jointly for men and robots,” says the report.

For the moment, although some experts argue, Japan does not send itself over the medium term a man on the moon, unlike China.

“We need to reflect the risks associated with human activities on the moon and the astronomical cost that represents this type of mission when it is supported by a single country,” justifies the working group.

The leaders of the Space Exploration Agency of Japan (JAXA), however, hope that Japan will participate in international manned lunar program, and a Japanese astronaut will be a day of travel.

In the meantime, the priority is to show the world the unique capabilities of Japan on robotics, one of his favorite areas of excellence.

“Japan must use all its forces to within one or two years to define precisely the objectives, outcomes, technology design, timetable and steps necessary amounts for the proposed robot, insist the experts.

They do not exclude any cooperation with other countries.

Proud of his robots of all types, imagine in Japan and manufactures tower arm in order to make them work in place of or alongside the man wherever possible. This, according to their designers, unload homo sapiens-hazardous, thankless, dirty, grueling, or for other reasons deemed inhumane.