When robots work with Intelligent Building & Designing !

The time when robots will serve as a personal assistant may not be so far away. Shimizu Corp.. and Yaskawa Electric Corp.. just opened a demonstration called "Smart Showroom. This place is the first stage of the project "Robotics Smart Building" which aims to provide many services in a comfortable environment,photo comforter , combining robotics technology infrastructure intelligent.

When a person enters the Smart Showroom "building detects the arrival and immediately sends a robot to it. The robot receives, it provides explanations of the elements present in the room with a projector, and then told him to revoir.L space demonstration today is composed of an intelligent infrastructure developed by Shimizu Corp.. and mobile robot "SmartGuide" by Yaskawa Electric. Body. The latter has an LCD projector and a voice synthesizer. It can travel up to 3.6 km
/ h, measuring 83.6 cm x 55.5 cm x 61.3 cm and weighs 90kg. An image of the robot is available at:

The intelligent infrastructure, it enables the detection of persons, control of electronic devices, photo comforter  ,communications between the various elements, including robots, etc.. The two companies have interactive tests and confirmed the effectiveness of combination-robot intelligent infrastructure. In the future, the project "Robotics Smart Building" may apply to hospitals, hotels, shops , photo comforter  or businesses. For example, the robot approaching a person requesting its destination in the building and there. The following image represents the set of possible future applications of the system:

To realize such services, the sharing of roles between the building and robots is important. Instead of counting on them for all functions, the intelligent infrastructure is combined with the technologies of robotics to centrally control the entire building, so that relatively simple robots share the workload
in a large area.

The robots will play the roles of receptionist, guide, guard, cleaner, carrier or delivery and the building will integrate all the intelligent infrastructure that will monitor, among other things, their
identity and positioning.