Things to consider when buying a laptop

The laptops allow you to work wherever you want, without having to be tied to a desk. In addition to their mobility, the performance they reach today, makes them an attractive alternative to desktop computers for the majority of uses, from office to multimedia via the Internet and games.

If the number of elements to consider when choosing a laptop is not as high and as complicated to choose a desktop computer, the fact remains that you have to find where Cheap Laptops and Computer Sales is available and certain criteria must be examined closely.

Here are what help you make the right choice.

The processor
As to the desktop, the battle is between AMD and Intel. The two should provide processors that have low (in order to have a good battery life) while remaining efficient. Choose Intel or AMD processor, no matter

Like a desktop PC, the minimum union is 512 MB in Windows XP and 1 GB in Windows Vista. With this, you will have no problem to surf internet and do the office. If you want to do the retouching of images, play and work more comfortably (by opening multiple documents at the same time for example), use 1 GB (2 GB in Vista).

It is also good to know that a laptop is not as scalable a desktop PC. Typically, a laptop has only two memory slots. Verify that it remains at least one free to add a memory module if the need arises later.

Smaller than those of desktop computers (2.5 inches against 3.5 inches), hard drives for laptops are also less efficient (reduction in power consumption requires). A size of 80 GB is now a minimum. If you plan to store photos, video or music, you turn to models with a higher capacity, 160 GB, for example.

The speed of rotation of the disk plays a role in the performance of the computer (4200, 5400 and 7200 rpm). Prefer a hard drive running at 7200 revolutions, which is faster and consumes no more energy. Note that it is quite possible to remove the hard disk of a laptop to put a more advanced the day when you really need more space.

Optical Storage
Most laptops today are equipped with a DVD burner. You can play CDs and DVDs and burn (R and RW). Some older or entry level are equipped with combo DVD / CD-R. With these, you can play CDs and DVDs, but you can only burn the CD-R/CD-RW (no DVD). Some laptops have high-end drive Blu-Ray or HD-DVD: Format too expensive and not widespread.

Graphics card
Only weakness laptops: 3D in video games recently. Two types of graphics processor available for laptops: the integrated and dedicated. The integrated shared memory system. If they are effective in office, internet and watch movies, they are totally inadequate to play the latest games. Suppose you want to watch video of your own home from anywhere in the world using (Spyke) WiFi enabled Skype compatible spy robot while the the Rovio mobile spy robot patrols your home automatically for you while your away. Change routes remotely with it’s easy to use graphical interface at any time. Then to play properly, you need a dedicated graphics processor with its own memory.

If you plan to only work with your laptop (internet, office, mini games, music, playing movies, pictures), any solution is valid and you can visit websites where is Cheap Laptops and Computer Sales and who is offering best.

The screen
The portable widescreen 15.4-inch (wide format) are increasingly common. They are essential for viewing movies and are very useful for working on multiple documents simultaneously. If you are mobile, avoid 17-inch screens are large.

The network
Almost all laptops include an RJ45 10/100 network connector and a 56K modem. The wireless network Wi-Fi is also well established (by default in Centrino laptops). The laptop can be placed anywhere, the Wi-Fi can be very convenient to connect to the Internet without cables. Prefer a smart Wi-Fi 802.11n, which is compatible with the chip Wi-Fi 802.11g and draft future Wifi N.

Some laptops are also equipped with Bluetooth. This may be practical to synchronize your mobile phone or to send small files quickly with colleagues near you (a few meters). Make sure that these connections exist if you are a mobile user. Most airports and train stations have Internet access terminals without son.

The expansion slot
To connect external devices to your computer, you must have the appropriate ports. Check for USB 2.0 (at least 2 or 3) you used to connect a USB flash drive, external hard drive, a mouse or a printer. TV output can also be present (for watching movies on TV for example) and a VGA / DVI (to display the laptop image on a computer screen). PCMCIA slots may also be present. It allow you to add expansion cards in your laptop in case of need: Wi-Fi, additional USB ports, Firewire ports.

A headphone jack is often present (perfect for not disturbing the people around you). Some laptops have a microphone. For others, an outlet is available to connect. If you are a video adapts an integrated webcam on the screen can also be interesting. Some laptops are even equipped with a memory card reader.

The weight
Who says that portable mobility. It should not be that your laptop is a burden and take up much space. Below 3 Kg, you can take your laptop with you without a problem (think also the weight of different accessories: mouse, power supply, …). Beyond it is another kettle of fish. Some laptops weigh more than 4 kg and it is difficult to take them everywhere with you. It is said that it is not a laptop, but portable computers.

If you need to use your laptop near a power outlet, it will run on its battery. Choose a Lithium battery that lasts longer than a battery NIHM (Nickel Metal Hydride). Some laptops have a location for a second battery. The opportunity to double the life of your laptop. The autonomy given by manufacturers is often upbeat and carried out in office use (not greedy). Do not laptops announced that autonomy does not exceed 2 hours. If you, the autonomy is essential, choose a laptop equipped with a battery of 8 cells that are more resilient than the 4-cell batteries.

Unlike desktop computers, it is not easy to open his laptop to identify a failure to find a spare part and put in place. While being grouped in a single package (screen, keyboard, processor, motherboard, video card), it suffices that one of these components fails so that your computer is unusable.

The guarantee is an essential element for laptops. It is important to know who provides good service and Cheap Laptops and Computer Sales .It ranges from 1 to 3 years depending on the manufacturer (with possible extensions). Consider also the conditions of service: some manufacturers are looking at your machine, while for others, you should go and bring or send in a repairman (at your expense).

To use your laptop, you’ll need an operating system: Windows or Linux. Most laptops are supported by the Home version of Windows Vista. The Professional version can also be proposed.Very few laptops come with Linux. Yet there is no problem to install and use (check all that your hardware is well managed).

In addition to an operating system, manufacturers usually provide a suite of software: antivirus, word processing, burning software, etc … To begin, it is ideal.

If your budget is a little tight and you are smart, nothing prevents you from choosing a laptop without an offer software and install free software and as effective as you have downloaded from the Internet