The robot opens to almost all the human senses

Designed by engineers from ETRI, POMI animal is a robot capable of interacting with a multimodal human beings. It reproduced four of the five senses.

The Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), a Korean government agency, has developed a pet robot able to interact with humans. Title POMI (Penguin Robot Multimodal Interaction), the robot imitates four of the five human senses: he can see, hear, touch and even smell. It may first move the eyes, eyebrows and even pupils imitating different emotions. His program is also equipped with voice recognition software, under which the robot can respond to certain questions put to him.

Voice recognition software
Through sensors, the robot can also locate and identify human beings. POMI has also a small speaker located on the heart. When touched, it reproduces the sound of heart beat at different frequencies according to the state it is. Another innovation: the robot identifies various odors according to their emotions. POMI is the advanced robots animals previously developed by the ETRI. Tip: Kobie and Robie. One could already respond to touch, voice and recognize human faces while the other was an educational robot equipped with an artificial intelligence software connected to the Internet.

Artificial Intelligence
POMI integrates all these technologies at a time and should serve as a basis for the development of humanoid and other robotic creatures can express emotions in the most realistic manner possible. Embedded in the robot are relatively easy to reproduce on an industrial scale. POMI itself should be marketed in the near future. The ETRI also plans to sell separately some software that constitute the machine. The software imitates the expression of human emotions should be transferred to several robotics companies, like Samsung Electronics.