Market expectations for the creation of a new robot

The Ministry of Economy 6 RI META the “New Economic Growth Strategy”, one of the key strategic areas in the new growth of population decline in the future, “Robot” with the deal, the acceleration of innovation like to expose the policies and the market is also full.Currently, the robot in Japan, as an industry TAZU to 7000 yen, and manufacturing to be the nation’s most basic industries (manufacturing) has been active in the field.

BIMASEN scale industries as also the feet of the net profit of Japan’s leading automobile manufacturers who, as the 2001 strategy report by the robot technology, the automobile is the major user of robots, electromechanical and industrial value-added generated by the robot in Japan’s manufacturing industry, the robotics industry itself is said to be eight times there,their role in manufacturing is expected to very large.

The gain on the declining birthrate and aging population in advance, in addition to the concerns of the workforce reduction, “in 2007” things together and leave the baby boomers from the labor market and be referred to the “labor shortage” and ” inherit skills “and also from the perspective of new challenges. Japan’s “manufacturing” to keep development from the perspective of strengthening the competitiveness and expand market expectations and had a new role for the robot.

The year 2005 is “first year of service robot” to be believed, the demonstration of the Robot Exhibition at Aichi Expo, and was born as a type of prototype service robots. Today is “safety” and “comfort and affluence” are becoming a popular keyword in their daily lives, service robots, security in the field of public safety, disaster prevention, maintenance of social capital, health and welfare, in terms of comfort and affluence, or communication in the family, care, entertainment, and education are expected to be in their application.And development of new applications in the fields of manufacturing, technology development and support, and for the creation of market and industry creation in the field of service robots, and felt the need for further efforts to strengthen the industry base .