Establishment of the Robot Business Promotion Council

The infrastructure improvement and market creation for the creation of industrial robots, efforts are required, as a practical move, “Robot Business Promotion Council” for the establishment of to introduce initiatives.This council, this year was reported to the Ministry of Economy, “Policy Research Robots” by the proposals, which were carried to establish cooperation and coordination with the Ministry of Economy, the Council for the establishment of broad industry groups are seeking participants from research organizations.

The Council is the manufacturer of the robot over the wall in the field of industrial research, parts manufacturers, service providers, operators and designers, and robotics researchers and engineers, and strengthen mutual understanding and cooperation with policy makers, active in the real world robots and RT (robot technology) and development, and promote the development of solutions using the robot technology (RT) to promote business, a better society and a prosperous life they aim to be. Council related to the robot is already established at each government level, and the activities of this council is a common issue at the national level, to resolve cross-cutting and safety standards and, for example ( nationwide) and can play a role as an organization.

The Council is a pillar of the business (1) RT support solutions business of the house, (2) Support a long-term creation of new industries, including technology development, and (3) RT policy recommendations and how.Organization of the Council, Secretary to the Executive Committee of the General Assembly under the project, the business plan and set up a subcommittee under the Committee Secretary and as a place to study and practice of planning, specifically about the business of and as to implementation, the secretariat of the Council (Inc.) is assigned to the Japan Robot Association.Currently, the establishment of the preparatory committee will be established as a subcommittee of the “Safety Study Committee,” “common standards subcommittee considering”, “Business Matching Section”, “Middleware Division” and “Insurance Committee” of five to one set and, the details are as follows. Safety study groups: service robot safety, standards and safety group (B standard), now being studied (companies) to consider a partnership with the Specialty Committee in Japan Robot Association .

Common Standards Working Group consider: If they get on the elevator lifts standards of office buildings and more robots, and communication standards in the conduct of the robot in indoor and outdoor wireless communications, or consider the common standard. Business Matching Committee: upstream of the robot, as well as downstream companies, service providers, users, systems houses, engineering firms, designers, research institutions and business matching activities by investors. The activities and the cooperation of robots in each local government council, the summit will be held and local governments. Subcommittee middleware: Interoperability and robotics as a module, a common software infrastructure will be built in modules and systems developed by different vendors, “RT middleware” and improved version for the practical application of promotion activities. Insurance Committee: There is a liability insurance as part of any post-accident related to the service robot, and to discuss product development.