Humanoid robot that mimics the muscles, tendons and bones

Cairo is a robot that copy the way our body to move: Muscles through tendons attach to bones and allow us to move the body. The goal: lighter and more agile robots that can interact with the world like us, sad sacks of meat. In other words, if There were two It was Tai Chi, Kung Fu will Cairo monkey. Or something. I do not know about you, but it reminds me vaguely humanoid “I, Robot.”

Kojiro, humanoid robotIt is being developed in ASK robotics lab University of Tokyo, among others, the researcher Auto Nakanishi. Although several anthropometric developing robots, none has a “backbone” as flexible as this. They could not dance as well belly dancing. You can see a video of this seductive thief robopilinguis after the jump.

Yes, you are thinking the same thing myself. Robots “more agile? If it looks like a rag doll which give electric shocks. Well, now under development, but by their (slow) movement ability can see that promises even more so due to its flexibility.

Of course, of all the ways to control a robot, have chosen command of the PlayStation. Robotics research undoubtedly has more incentive if you can control your robots murderers to control your favorite video game. Where that is not enough, says Nakanishi if a muscle or tendon fails, the robot can continue moving Since it has redundant elements. Ideal for a post-apocalyptic future in which robots will give us the game, as well dynamos leg although they will continue to crawl towards us like a Terminator or zombie either, which always likes.

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