Ultrasonic Range Sensor

Ultrasonic Range SensorThis is the Devantec SRF-04. The tiny package easily mounts to your small robot. It is assembled using surface mount technology. Requires soldering wires to the module.

* Aluminum Single Ultrasonic Range Sensor Housing Kit (URSH-03)
* Ultrasonic Range Sensor Cable – 8″ (URSC-01)

* Sensor type = Reflective Ultrasonic
* Frequency = 40KHz
* Ultrasonic sender = N1076
* Ultrasonic receiver = N1081
* I/O required = Two digital lines, 1 output, 1 input
* Minimum range = approximately 3cm
* Maximum range = approximately 3m
* Sensitivity = Detects a 3cm diameter stick at > 2m
* Input trigger = 10uS Min. TTL level pulse
* Echo Pulse = Positive TTL level signal, width proportional to range
* Input voltage = 5vdc regulated
* Current requirements = 30mA Type 50mA Max
* PC board size = ~.75″ x 1.75″

This high performance ultrasonic range finder is compact and measures an amazingly wide range from 3cm to 3m. This ranger is perfect for your robot, or any other projects requiring accurate ranging information.

The URS is a straight-forward ultrasonic range sensor. The host micro-controller provides a positive going pulse on the INIT pin on the sonar module to begin a reading. After the INIT input pin goes low, the sonar module emits a ping. After the ping, the ECHO output goes high. It returns low again when the module receives an echo. Check out a BS2 example program here. Note, due to a timing bug with the BASIC Stamp 2, you must use pin0 to measure the echo pulse!

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