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Asimo today
Multiple cooperative and continuous service to provide the necessary intelligence to develop new technology. This technology allows multiple people and the environment is ASIMO, a series of multiple ASIMO can provide services to enable the coexistence of humans and the environment are a steppractical use.
ASIMO is depending on the movement of people step back and to let people, or just, including the movement of technology, intelligence, to receive instructions for carrying the tray and push trolleys to the work of intelligence and technology, To develop Moreover, ASIMO get low battery charge and the automatic also features the development.
ASIMO several of these functions, depending on the situation of working to divide the unity that is charging more to provide the service, such as ASIMO, ASIMO cooperation with each other and continuously work to achieve a comprehensive system. .
Several networking ASIMO can work ASIMO each state to share their ASIMO is the most efficient work-sharing ratio of the collaboration.

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Specifically, each of ASIMO’s current position and the position of the work carried out to calculate the distance to the Battery level while taking into account the whole time as the most efficient work share, which is based on each ASIMO Self-sustaining operations.
AIKAMERA image, closer to the people to identify the direction and speed, movement and to predict a person’s course makes sure to produce an optimum path while The difference between a good location for the ASIMO, we will step back and make way for people STUFF
ASIMO is able to charge the autonomy to develop charging station. As a result, Battery level is below a certain value and have a free ASIMO from the closest station to automatically detect and stood to charge

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