Several Weekends Ago

klein_03While watching the Truck and Tractor Pull on TV and singing along with the commercials, some people from Seattle thought. What did they think? Even they don’t remember. But at some point the age-old instincts for competition, power — and yes, beer — came to the fore of their discussion. For some reason, TV lost its appeal, food seemed unnecessary, and even the joy of gardening dimmed to a shadow of its former self as these primal instincts became forever etched in their minds. Continue reading

A Stable Hopping Leg

Robert Ringrose of MIT demo’ed a very cool design at AAAI97. His Hopper robot leg stands on its own, and, when activated, hops straight up and down, maintaining its balance. It corrects its balance if you shove it to one side. It can be adjusted to hop forward, backward left, right, etc., simply by changing its center of gravity. The hopper will move in the direction of its mass.This robot needs no brain. It is stabilized by physics. Hopping is a very stable motion. The rotary motion of the motor is turned into a sinusoidal motion which is in series with the spring.   Continue reading


The acquisition of CNet by CBS for $1.8bn, with the help of Tom Bureau, who used to head the European side of CNet (we wish he’d been bureau chief, but sadly nominative determinism failed).

We’re also looking at how robots are coming, with the insightful help of Noel Starkey, a robotics expert from the University of Sheffield.

Asimo Latest Upgrade

Asimo today
Multiple cooperative and continuous service to provide the necessary intelligence to develop new technology. This technology allows multiple people and the environment is ASIMO, a series of multiple ASIMO can provide services to enable the coexistence of humans and the environment are a steppractical use.
ASIMO is depending on the movement of people step back and to let people, or just, including the movement of technology, intelligence, to receive instructions for carrying the tray and push trolleys to the work of intelligence and technology, To develop Moreover, ASIMO get low battery charge and the automatic also features the development.
ASIMO several of these functions, depending on the situation of working to divide the unity that is charging more to provide the service, such as ASIMO, ASIMO cooperation with each other and continuously work to achieve a comprehensive system. . Continue reading