IRT robot system research and development

The University of Tokyo, “the graying of society and social support to people and the creation of IRT based” projects has been from 2006. In this project, IRT gradually established a platform promoting innovation, and social support to older people have fewer children and IRT scenario depicts the creation of the foundation. The platforms, robots, social support system, IRT research project creation based robotic system is composed of a platform, for the social needs of the graying of society, robotic devices, IRT control, IRT environment while practicing in a new technology platform for innovation.

Research goals
Automatic generation of control program based on the hardware, software infrastructure development and integration of advanced multi-agent system to achieve a highly aware of the situation by observing and learning, and to understand the intent of the people, PASONARUMOBIRITI strive for the realization of autonomous robots and a safe and friendly environment.

-Working people, the environment created for people to understand that people have, the ability of people and norms, the humanoid robot platform to support the work of the people.
-Walking techniques, stabilization technology, audio-visual recognition feature, double arm cooperative manipulation, manipulation tools, body action action, action to fall back, systemic distribution sensory, musculoskeletal tendon driven, dynamic operating systemic technical skills.

-Can move seamlessly in and outside the home in the board, the mobile robot platform to enrich a wide range of personal mobility.
-Operation Move-control, obstacle detection, autonomous movement technology, interpersonal interactivity, emergency braking risk aversion, environmental awareness, self-position recognition.

Fusion techniques learned behavior recognition
-Life work in robot technology support around water (left) action of the tool (right)
-Integrate the functions of perception and action, learning technology integration skills through dialogue and the resulting decisions and actions.
-Real-time visual tracking, visual processing, spatial memory processing, point of gaze control, statistical pattern recognition, spatial planning, SLAM technology, information-storage use, reinforcement learning, probabilistic reasoning functions.

Adaptive technology to people and the environment
-Aware of the situation by observing and learning, while understanding the intent of the technology to adapt to the real world and recognize the behavior of the robot.
-Presumed intention of the behavior and visual recognition technology, copycat features, and interactive technology, environmental sound recognition, flexible touch skin, use touch operation technology, technology integration autonomous maneuvering capabilities, time-series data processing, statistics and probability processing technology.
IRT based software
-Mother of Brain Environmental Robot Body
-Large-scale network technology, a small high-performance computer systems, software engineering, technical and infrastructure software in the system between robots and robot technology to real-world interaction.
-Parallel object-oriented programming language for artificial intelligence research, the geometric modeling of embedded systems, real-time memory management, distributed programming networks, real-time embedded systems, event processing, and online debugging technologies, production technology control program