Robot-girl: singing, dancing and tseluetsya

New technology in our day can lead to delight, appalled, to amaze and compel think. Act. But there is another feeling, which, though not so often, but are the fruits of technological progress. This feeling of tender emotion. Perhaps, today, just a great day for new acquaintances. Let me introduce you to young lady, who, although mechanical, but behaves like a real girl. More recently, the company Sega introduced the audience to look at their new offspring – the robot Emmu (original EMA – Eternal Maiden Actualization). The developers gave the boot a unique body, which curves and features like feminine. Emma is growing 38 inches and even traveling with her peculiar gait. The robot is able to sing, dance, hand out business cards, and that intrigues most of all, the robot is able to melt kissing sound. Emma will be on sale from 26 September, and Sega plans to sell 10 000 copies, at an estimated cost of $ 175 apiece.