Robots capable of understanding human emotion

European researchers are developing software that will allow robots to know if a person is sad, happy or angry.

Growing Feelix the project is to assemble several simple robots can detect different parameters, such as facial expressions, voice, and proximity to determine emotional state.

The goal of this project is to develop a robot that can serve humans by understanding their needs to better help them, particularly the elderly or sick. Based on neural networks, the robot will rely on experience to determine the correct way to respond to human emotions.

For example, if someone manifest fear, the robot will change its attitude to appear less threatening. If someone seems happy, the robot will make a mental note (or rather digital, shall we say) what has prompted this joy. And if someone looks alone and upset, the robot will give him a pat on the back, offer up a little and tell him “Helena, anyway you deserve better than this . So at what our emotional interactions with the robots of tomorrow.