SmartRob2sThe SmartROB is used by Prof. Siegwart and Dr. Buhler at the ETH Zurich for the course “Smart Mechatronic Product Design”. It gives the users a versatile, high-level mobile robot kit suitable for a wide variety of tasks. The SmartROB-2 contains all features necessary to drive several DC servo- or stepper motors up to 100 W per channel in addition to a number of uncommitted analogue and digital inputs and outputs. The heart of the system is a powerful PowerPC 604e processor at 300 MHz. Additionally, the system provides a  real-time development environment: XOberon is a deadline-driven hard real-time OS developed at the Institute of Robotics (IfR) ETHZ, which supports the programming language Oberon-2. PCI  Mezzanine Card (PMC) slots and a general purpose slot allow for easy extension.
The SmartROB kit demonstrates its robustness since 1994. It has been redesigned several time and is constantly used for the famous annual Swiss student robot competitions at the ETH in Zurich.
The SmartROB-2 kit is used for the first time for the 10. Swiss SmartROB Championships 1999. Don’t forget: the kit is student-proof (this is much more than industry-proof!).