The assistant robot must obey the habits of its owner

For the Companion project, only a robot that can grasp and adapt to its environment can truly look after an elderly person. The prototype will include the emotional state and the habits of the user.

To give more independence to the elderly while providing follow-up home care, robotics is a solution. But it implies the development of machines capable of understanding the context in which they operate and related medical staff. On this basis, the companionable European project develops a prototype robot that will be able to understand the emotional state of its owner, its habits, social support and health monitoring for it.

To achieve this, researchers are working on a network of vision sensors, sound, and measuring the distance that will give the robot the ability to detect and manage the situation of a person. These devices will allow it to record the interactions he had with individuals to identify and face, words or gestures which correspond to emotions.

A human-looking robot
But also to identify the habits of the user. Regarding the design, scientists assume a human appearance. This, to facilitate the relationship with its owner: the robot has a face, have a touch screen, will be able to communicate and display more facial expressions. Via sensors and cameras, will include signals verbal but also nonverbal posted by the user. It will make videoconferences with doctors and relatives to allow the patient to keep human contact with its environment, if it can not be physically present. In cases of abnormal behavior, health professionals will be alerted automatically.

Drug monitoring distance
As many devices that will set up a drug monitoring remotely reliable. “The initiative combines the use of robots in intelligent environments with a desire to create a machine capable of becoming a true companion in everyday life ‘, and explain the project. The house must be adapted to the needs of distance communication. Evidence that the project is considered of importance: the Tecnalia Health and Quality of Life Unit has announced its participation. He will speak on the development of sensors lifestyle and quality of the man / machine. The project is scheduled to run until 2012.