Industrial Robots as a Human

Industrial Robots as a HumanIndustrial robots the most sophisticated and most versatile … These bots are a ballet indefatigable not without a certain elegance.

ABB Flex Picker
It’s a robot sorting and packaging. We admire the speed at which it operates. In four seconds it can move 14 objects or it can move three pound seven-tenths of a second.
It is supposed to play successfully the game of Milton Bradley, a board game like chess rather complex.

  • Flex Picker video.
  • Flex Picker stacks pancakes.
  • Article on Flex Picker.

Adept Quattro
He wants the robot packing the worlds fastest and performs 300 cycles per minute. He has four arms (Flex Picker 3 of them), can carry a load of 2 kg.

  • Adept Quattro to 300 cycles / minute.
  • Demonstration of motion: accuracy and extension.

IRB20 is the smallest industrial robot unskilled. It weighs 25 kg and a height of 50 cm and can carry a load of 3 kg.
It stands for a varied work in confined areas.

  • Video IRB20.
  • An article on the robot.
  • The site of ABB.

Robot AISEI of Ramen
This robot is based chef in restaurants in Japan whose restaurant FA-Men in Nagoya. Based on the operation of the robot’s name is a contraction of “Fully Automated ramen”. It takes one minute and 40 seconds to prepare and cook a ball.

In a world very near future, the attraction will attend next Sunday at the show, ballet harmonious these tireless robots.

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