Robot medic developed

robot medicSearch and rescue robot battlefield (Battlefield Extraction and Retrieval Robot – BEAR) developed by Vecna Robotics, USA.

The robot can help the disabled, carry the sick and wounded in bonitsah. He also useful in protecting persons during catastrophes, natural disasters, from the battlefield, or – to climb the stairs.

Another version of the robot has acquired the torso and head with eyes and ears of the cameras, microphones and more powerful hands, the new degree of freedom. The combination of wheels and tracks provides a solid mobility: BEAR can move in the style of Segway, or – if necessary – in the position of a centaur.

Controlling the robot – remote developers working on the possibility of semi-autonomous mode the robot.The skeleton of the robot is made of high strength steel, plans to switch to titanium.During the test, the robot lifted 120 kilograms with one hand.

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