Does the crisis on the robot?

wakamaru-2Robots can effectively carry out their work. However, they are not immune from the global economic downturn, especially since they do not themselves seek employment.

Japan today has the highest number of robots, it is today because of the crisis, many industrial robots are not used in enterprises, they are de-energized.

Sales of industrial robots in the first quarter of this year fell by about 60%. Filed for bankruptcy procedure of the Japanese robot manufacturer Systec Akazawa. Japanese analysts predict a reduction of this market segment this year’s 40 percent.

In addition, consumers around the world cut spending on cars and various gadgets, which affects producers. Thus, due to low sales of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is considering withdrawing from the production of robots Wakamaru. Although perhaps the company can weather a storm of a crisis, because it is partially sponsored by NEDO’s (New Energy & Industrial Development Organization). The company will try to take the robot to let businesses and schools, not limiting himself only to the market of household robots.

Yes, robots in the crisis are likely to be disabled. After all, it’s easy – pulled from the network, and all! Well, that emotions in robots is still “okay”.