Solo public robotransport

futuristic-heathrow-taxis2Recently there have information about the projects on public robotransportu. We briefly describe the four concept.

Personal rapid transporter
At London’s Heathrow airport, a new type of four-transport, simply put, independent taxis. This transport uses the 4 PRT (personal rapid transporter): you simply enter the destination using the touch screen and a special way of set off in the right place, by the fastest route – at speeds up to 40 km / h.

And invented the amazing transport Lawson Martin (Martin Lowson). This project is in development since 1996. And in August 2009 on display the Science Museum next to the icons of the last transport, such as the Rocket Stevenson and model-T Ford.

The inventor, Professor Martin Lawson believes that his system can replace the buses and cars in cities. He notes that the idea of individual public transport is already known long ago, but his system is actually working.

The system helps the passengers to travel non-stop for the best available routes. Automatic system has three levels of protection of the safety of traffic control.