Terminator 1 is already obsolete, not only in the movies

TerminatorBoston Dynamics has shown us the famous Big Dog, that same company also works on more interesting project, robot Pitman, capable of bipedal locomotion.

This “humanoid” platform – one of the most promising, and the U.S. military are looking at it with a special interest. First, they must take the testing of new chemical suits and radiation protection. Ability to stand without support and walk alone makes it a much more accurate simulation of real media, than the existing mannequins. But it is – just the beginning.

Terminator 1In Boston Dynamics promise: Pitman able to independently balance and move freely, walking, crawling and doing a series of movements to test the suits, while being exposed to hazardous substances. It will simulate some of the factors of human physiology, maintaining a surface temperature of the skin, as well as the humidity, “sweating” if necessary “.

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