Robot Kompai for the elderly

French robotic Robosoft company recently introduced a mobile
robot Kompai, which is designed to assist the elderly and disabled, as well as
all those who need special care.

The robot can move independently, to understand simple speech and can carry on a
conversation with a man. Its primary means of communicating with people is
concerned, and an optional touch screen with a simple interface. Kompai reminds
people about the events following the grocery list, play music, but can also
work as a system of videoconferencing in communicating user to your doctor,
relatives or friends.

The following video shows how the patient is in a Paris hospital after a short
training communicates and interacts with the robot. The man asks the robot about
the time, day of week and the doctor appointments for the day, and the robot
Kompai answers her computerized voice.

Here’s the dialogue:
– Robot?
– What can I do for you?
– What’s in the shopping list?
– Apples, cheese, tomatoes.
– Add five eggs in your shopping list.
– Done.

– The robot, I is not good.
– Where does it hurt? The robot asks a few questions … and then tells the man
that he sent this information to the doctor via e-mail. And later conducts a
video conference with the doctor.

– The robot, leave me alone.
– OK, the robot stops talking and leaves the room.

The robot itself is returned – if necessary – to his "place filler", when the
level of charge its battery is low. Kompai knows its location, knows how to get
from one point to another at the request of a person or on its own initiative.
In addition to communicating with the man robot can perform various daily
household operations – cleaning, food delivery, etc. The robot also continuously
connected to the Internet and can provide all the necessary information and

The robot was formally presented to a conference in New Orleans. General
Director of Robosoft Vincent Dupourqué in its statement noted that the robot is
a research and development (R & D) platform for developers who can quickly make
their robotic applications for the elderly.

It is expected that future models will be equipped with a robot Kompai visual
abilities, as well as he can understand the emotions of the patient and to
express their emotions in response.