The concept – Nao Robot

The project was launched in early 2005 and aims to make available to the general public at an affordable price, a humanoid robot with mechanical functions, electronic and cognitive worthy prototype research (see chart below). Nao should be available to the general public at the end of 2009.

Comes standard with basic behaviors, the robot will be marketing the ideal support to learn robotics and enriched many behaviors, it will become an autonomous companion for the whole family. He later evolve its role as a companion to a real job assistance for daily tasks (monitoring, tele-assistance, information, real-virtual link …).

With a programming interface very intuitive dedicated, choreographer, it will allow all family members to discover robotics fun. Concentrate of technology, our robot will also address the fans of new technology the most demanding.

Nao, designed for fun, will be able to interact with its owner, and will be evolving in terms of behavior and functionality. This will teach him new behaviors from their computer. Building software behavior is designed to meet the users, whatever their level of graphical programming block for beginners, the code for experts. The behaviors that your Nao will be able to integrate have a limit: your imagination!

Convinced that the design is an essential element for its adoption in the family environment, we worked this into partnership with a design school in Paris. It continues in particular with designers Thomas Knoll and Erik Arlen. The look of each Nao is customizable, allowing everyone to have a single robot.

Nao is based on a Linux platform and loads Urbi, programming language is very easy to tackle, code for experts, or through a graphical interface for novices.

Final stages of development, Nao was first introduced in early 2007. The first models, used in laboratories and universities, will be marketed in the fall of 2008, and models general public in late 2009.