The first female autonomous humanoid robot

avtoparkIt seems straight from the manga, measure 1m 58, weighs 43 pounds, walking wireless leg and can mimic a number of facial expressions. This humanoid robot made by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology hosted the journalists on 16 March by a “Hello everyone, I am human cybernetic HRP-4C.

Still a bit left, a bit rigid at times, but it is clear the direction in which the “humanoids” since the revolution of Honda Asimo. With nearly 30 engines, she can walk and move their arms to answer a few simple questions. Its creator, Shuji Kajita, said he did not “make it look like a woman completely. One way probably does not scare too many people and avoid the syndrome “uncanny valley”, ie the hypothesis that when robots are too similar, they cause discomfort so severe it could lead to a complete rejection and simple.

Finally in the same vein, here is another version of synthetic robot in the laboratory of David Hanson in Dallas (USA), who works on facial expressions. (David Hanson is a doctoral student working in the Institute for Interactive Arts and Engineering at the University of Texas at Dallas His area of research investigates facial expression in robots using recent breakthroughs in elastomer material sciences to ENACT a sizable range of natural humanlike facial expressions. This branch of robotics will rise in relevance as humans and robots begin to have more face-to-face encounters in the coming years.