Robot spider with artificial intelligence

Robot spider with artificial intelligenceMatt Bounding, a student at the University of Arizona, developed and built a robotic spider that automatically learns to walk whenever it include. The robot is equipped with a webcam; it analyzes the image and comparing them with the movement of their own feet, learning to walk.If by some chance “spider” loses one of its limbs, do not fail, and learn a new style of movement. If successful, moving in the right side of the robot temporarily stores the actions that he has done for this.

Creating a robot began with a student project Cognitive Robotics class, conducted at the University, to investigate the mechanisms by which the robots could walk. Bounding assembled robot-spider on a processor Intel Atom Z530 c frequency of 1, 6 GHz, running the operating system Ubuntu.

Immediately after the publication of video with a new robot on you tube, a few companies are interested, suggested Matt Bounding cooperation, laboratory and equipment for work. And Intel has ordered the inventive student two copies of robotic insects. One company plans to use robots in various demonstrations of their product, while the second will have Bounding.

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