Robot Lovers on the issue of Tracks Arte

Tracks Robots-Lovers #4

A few days ago, Friday, February 22, 2008 exactly, the chain ARTE television broadcast in its issue TRACKS, a report on the following topic:
“Robot Lovers:
Cars without drivers, surveillance drones, sexual partners androids…: at a time when the South Korean government is working on drafting a charter of ethics of robotics, scientific and industrial robots invent the company tomorrow. “Rediscover therefore Nao and his friends in this news story very interesting…
Background of “Robot Lovers” on the issue of Tracks channel Arte:
Cars without drivers, surveillance drones or sexual partners androids: robots invade us.
“Hello, I am Alpha M, the latest humanoid robot created by Hanson Robotics. My face is expressive totally controlled by thirty engines. I can also see you and recognize your face with the last recognition software to date. ” The reality is it being more than science fiction? Alpha M will be the grandfather of replicating that populate “Blade Runner”? In this film directed by Ridley Scott, androids, a sort of slave robots are so advanced that it is virtually impossible to distinguish between human beings. Aware of their limited life span to 5 years, they were outraged, demanding a change in their program. On Earth, replicating the hunting is open. “Blade Runner” is based on the book “The androids they dream of electric sheep? “Written in 1966 by Philip K. Dick. If the rebellion of robots designed by the American author does not seem to immediately, predictions of Isaac Asimov know it, another destiny. Regarded as the Emperor of science fiction, this doctor of biochemistry develops from the 40 years, the three fundamental laws meant to govern the future relationship between the robot and humans.
Tracks Robots-Lovers # 2
“The first law states that a robot has no right to do harm to humans directly or indirectly. The second is that it must obey the orders given by humans unless those orders come into contradiction with the first law. And the third is that a robot must protect its own existence, unless it comes into conflict with the first two laws. ” These are word for word the principles of the writer Asimov that the Ministry’s Information and South Korea has used for his bill: a universal declaration of the rights of robots, anticipating an assumption machines awareness some predict soon. Each day, robots are increasingly taking place in our lives: Auxiliary office, regional security, help the elderly, nounou. In Japan, robot for old is already repaid 25% by the state.
Tracks Robots-Lovers # 3
In 1921, the Czech writer Karel Capek the first employs the word “robot” derivative “robota”, translate: hard work. In his play, the humanoid machines rebelled against humans. A revolution! Since then, reality has caught up with fiction. The androids devised by Karel Capek are taking life. Soon they run as fast as Carl Lewis, could hold conversations like Bernard Henry Levy and why not think about getting rid of us. One issue considered by Stanley Kubrick in his film “2001, the Space Odyssey.” Bruno Maisonnier has chosen his camp. For him, the robot will be the best friend of man. 4 years ago, he plated to engage in the manufacture of humanoid company’s most advanced in Europe. Nao keeps the house, you stick a pie in poker, tells stories to children, and even, you made the pudding if neglected. Due on the market in autumn 2008, this robot is only 57 cm but lampshades a mammoth task. The baptism for Nao will be held next July in the Robocop. The great mass annual promotion of Artificial Intelligence meets since 1996 robot manufacturers worldwide. Objective of the event: create a team of androids capable of beating the team human world champion soccer by 2050.
Tracks Robots-Lovers # 4
Until we bring the beating of the century football, robots are fine, as here in Paris. By 30 years, the market androids expected to exceed that of the automobile. The shop Rob polis is their temple, the first in Europe. Its director, Jerome Damelincourt placing on the Rob sapiens and robots company. As Dr. David Hanson, Texan degree in robotics and rewarded by NASA, former Disney Studios, it acharne for years to put a human face on its machines. Its aim: to create what he calls robots compassionate. Thanks to frubber, a spongy polymer that has developed to imitate variations muscle and super conversational software, we believe it almost. “Blade Runner” is no longer very far.