Nao – Aldebaran Robotics – Robocop

Aldebaran Robotics Nao Robocup 02

After a period of two years of intensive development, Aldebaran Robotics team enters a new phase, which will be completed by the delivery of our first models. At this stage, our communication will intensify, as well as our investment in emerging community and returns will be more passionate than ever solicited. Nao is now in the final stages of design macaronis (mechanics and electronics). The latest prototype, Al-05b (red), was mounted early July 2007 at the tender launched by the Organizing Committee of the Robocop, to be presented in Atlanta. The result is conclusive: Nao is now the new official platform of the league standard of the Robocop as early as the 2008 edition to be held in China. Since Al-05a, our prototype in December 2006 (in blue, below), the main changes made concerning the joints, stronger and more flexible implementation of Ultrasonic sensors in the torso, and sensory on top of the head. The latter has also evolved, adopting a pair of eyes, illuminated by multicolored LED 6 each. Cote computer, we are currently developing the application programming, whose code name is Choreographer. This intuitive interface will offer different levels of programming, so that neophytes as experts can take pleasure to teach new behaviors Nao.