Honda introduced the robot ASIMO 2

Honda Motor introduced the new version of Asimo, the humanoid robot. It may take the role of receptionist, bartender or companion. A man … uh robot to do everything.ImageHonda Motor, the third Japanese manufacturer of automobiles, had submitted its humanoid robot Asimo, at the Universal Exposition Aichi in Japan, an exhibition which ended on September 25 last.

Its mascot, high of just 130 cm and weighing just 54 kilos, was object of curiosity to the public. The robot then took care of administrative tasks, welcoming visitors, but also serve cocktails. Continue reading

Robot hears on laser pointers

A team of scientists of the ‘Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and the Emory University’ has developed a robot, via point-and-click can be instructed, objects to collect. The selected objects are the robot simply by a green laser pointer. The researchers see this as a step towards robots assistance for patients with severe movement restrictions. “We consider the Fetching objects as a core capability for future robots in the medical care and at home,” said Charlie Kemp, head of research teams. On the one hand, it was important that robots such as cleaning work umlagern items, on the other hand, be it for more complex tasks such as cooking required that a robot which can fetch even utensils. Just this feature with the ‘El-E’ robot called now demonstrated. Continue reading

Japan: robots, artificial animals and anime-Stars

In hardly any other country in the world there is such a great enthusiasm for high-tech, robotics and artificial worlds, as in Japan. Various museums reflect this vehement wider interest and provide visitors with an impressive and comprehensive insight into the future, the already long since begun. Since October 2006 astounded the robot museum in Nagoya visitors with cutting-edge exhibits. At present, is in conjunction with the exhibition “Think Robo” the development of the robot from the beginning of the 20th Century until now at the centre. The special interest is the “humanoid” robots “Wabot” from the’70s on “ASIMO” from the House of Honda, whose course is similar to that of the people, to the household robot Wakamaru. Continue reading

Robots show emotions

Der menschliche Roboter AsimoJapanese researchers are in the development of a copy of intelligent people have far. The market for service robots is growing schwungvoll. It is almost like right in the dentist’s office. If the drill on the nerve, the patient groans. Only this is not flesh and blood. However, the 1.60 meter tall robot the appearance of an average woman copied Japan, including a long, black hair. He can even to frown or roll their eyes when a schmerzempfindliche taken. “The facial expression is extremely realistic,” enthuses Tatsuo Matsuzaki Kokoro by the manufacturer. “Students can be the suffering of the patient comprehension.” Japan, this year the partner country at the Hanover Fair, is a trendsetter in the development of new generations of robots. With 370,000 copies, 40 percent of all the world used machines installed in Japanese factories. At 10,000 workers, 349 machines colleagues. And this is just the beginning. To the dwindling number of workers as a result of the rapid ageing of society to replace the planned Ministry of Trade and Industry (Meti) until 2025 the use of one million industrial robots. Continue reading

HONDA – progress as a challenge

Technology and motor sports since the company was founded by Soichiro Honda essential elements, not only in the products again, but also part of the Honda philosophy. The world’s largest engine manufacturer developed pioneering technology, the driving pleasure and everyday practicality combined. In the special exhibition at the Museum of Technology in Spryer Honda shows exhibits, which not only brand history, but also milestones of mobility on land and at sea represent. The highlight of the exhibition is the racing version of the Civic Hybrid, directly from this 24-hour race at the Unbarring for the exhibition. Continue reading

Robots and Robotic Arm Catoms

Intel Bras Robotique #1The IDF – Intel Developer Forum – allows the company Intel to discover its future processors, but is also a huge showcase to display its research projects the craziest.
Intel Bras Robotics # 1Cette years, among the research carried out in laboratories, there was a topic on robotics. Justin Rattner, CTO or current Chief Technology Officer of Intel Corporation, has introduced a robotic arm equipped with sensors and following the slightest movement of the hand through a new recognition technology based on electric fields. This new “sense” has been dubbed “Electric Field Pre-Touch.” It is present in some fish, and allows them to feel the contour of the surrounding objects through their effect on the electric field. This technique allowed the robot to track the movement of an object placed in front of him. Continue reading

Nao – Aldebaran Robotics – Robocop

Aldebaran Robotics Nao Robocup 02

After a period of two years of intensive development, Aldebaran Robotics team enters a new phase, which will be completed by the delivery of our first models. At this stage, our communication will intensify, as well as our investment in emerging community and returns will be more passionate than ever solicited. Nao is now in the final stages of design macaronis (mechanics and electronics). The latest prototype, Al-05b (red), was mounted early July 2007 at the tender launched by the Organizing Committee of the Robocop, to be presented in Atlanta. The result is conclusive: Nao is now the new official platform of the league standard of the Robocop as early as the 2008 edition to be held in China. Continue reading

Robot Lovers on the issue of Tracks Arte

Tracks Robots-Lovers #4

A few days ago, Friday, February 22, 2008 exactly, the chain ARTE television broadcast in its issue TRACKS, a report on the following topic:
“Robot Lovers:
Cars without drivers, surveillance drones, sexual partners androids…: at a time when the South Korean government is working on drafting a charter of ethics of robotics, scientific and industrial robots invent the company tomorrow. “Rediscover therefore Nao and his friends in this news story very interesting…
Background of “Robot Lovers” on the issue of Tracks channel Arte:
Cars without drivers, surveillance drones or sexual partners androids: robots invade us.
“Hello, I am Alpha M, the latest humanoid robot created by Hanson Robotics. My face is expressive totally controlled by thirty engines. I can also see you and recognize your face with the last recognition software to date. ” The reality is it being more than science fiction? Alpha M will be the grandfather of replicating that populate “Blade Runner”? In this film directed by Ridley Scott, androids, a sort of slave robots are so advanced that it is virtually impossible to distinguish between human beings. Aware of their limited life span to 5 years, they were outraged, demanding a change in their program. On Earth, replicating the hunting is open. “Blade Runner” is based on the book “The androids they dream of electric sheep? “Written in 1966 by Philip K. Dick. If the rebellion of robots designed by the American author does not seem to immediately, predictions of Isaac Asimov know it, another destiny. Regarded as the Emperor of science fiction, this doctor of biochemistry develops from the 40 years, the three fundamental laws meant to govern the future relationship between the robot and humans.
Tracks Robots-Lovers # 2
“The first law states that a robot has no right to do harm to humans directly or indirectly. The second is that it must obey the orders given by humans unless those orders come into contradiction with the first law. And the third is that a robot must protect its own existence, unless it comes into conflict with the first two laws. ” These are word for word the principles of the writer Asimov that the Ministry’s Information and South Korea has used for his bill: a universal declaration of the rights of robots, anticipating an assumption machines awareness some predict soon. Each day, robots are increasingly taking place in our lives: Auxiliary office, regional security, help the elderly, nounou. In Japan, robot for old is already repaid 25% by the state. Continue reading

The Hitachi EMIEW2 Distingue Human Voices

Le Hitachi EMIEW2 Distingue Les Voix HumainesThe latest robot Hitachi, EMIEW2 is intelligent enough to differentiate between three human voices simultaneously through 14 microphones embedded in his head that provide voice recognition capabilities. To this end, the voice recognition is a separate audio source and recognition profile noise. The first focuses on the direction of the person speaking, allowing the EMIEW2 to know who he speaks with a distance of 2 meters, ignoring all other noises. The EMIEW2 is 80cm high and it is suitable for the job of receptionist:). It moves through a wheel after each leg, and he can climb stairs.