Japan: robots, artificial animals and anime-Stars

In hardly any other country in the world there is such a great enthusiasm for high-tech, robotics and artificial worlds, as in Japan. Various museums reflect this vehement wider interest and provide visitors with an impressive and comprehensive insight into the future, the already long since begun. Since October 2006 astounded the robot museum in Nagoya visitors with cutting-edge exhibits. At present, is in conjunction with the exhibition “Think Robo” the development of the robot from the beginning of the 20th Century until now at the centre. The special interest is the “humanoid” robots “Wabot” from the’70s on “ASIMO” from the House of Honda, whose course is similar to that of the people, to the household robot Wakamaru. This is in a position to do jobs and even with his family to communicate. But even artificial pets to see how AIBO, which once produced by Sony entertainment robots, the appearance of a dog and companion as a playground for people with allergies should serve. In this museum shows that the coexistence of humans and robots is already a reality. Who seriously about a robot companions, there is in the museum shop find: The world’s largest business visitors of this kind have the choice of more than 2,000 toy robots, including accessories. Robots and future technologies are also in the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo, briefly called Miraikan, the heart of the exhibitions. Only recently, “Halluc II” to the permanent exhibits: this mobile robot was developed by scientists, “wanted to create a machine that flexibly to the needs of people and the environment responds.” Halluc II, the “future of mobility” , since he sensors using information from its surroundings and exercising, for example, an uneven road can adapt. In the earlier generation of robots, the way to the needs of the machine vote. Paro also presents itself here, “Kuschelrobbe” to the feeling that responds to environmental influences and touching, for example, the glass eyes and twisted fiept quietly. In the for its electronics shops known Akihabara district of Tokyo, there have been recently a new tour offering for fans of Japanese pop culture, such as manga (comic strips), Anime and Cosplay (faithful representation of well-known manga or anime characters by young people). The tour begins in Radio Kaikan, a shopping centre of superlatives, the hearts of the fans beat it – here are the latest trends and a lot of shows and events. In Tsukumo Robot Kingdom, the focus is on the latest robots, while visiting the Tokyo Anime Center program is the name – Anime films, characters and signatories tired! The English tour starts at 13:00 every Saturday on the first floor of Radio Kaikan, and lasts about two hours. The tour is free, a notification is not requiredThe Kyoto International Manga Museum was the beginning of 2007, Japan’s first museum opened, with the whole spectrum of manga culture. The collection, currently 200,000 exhibits from the comic world encompasses shows historically valuable pieces, such as the first issues of Japanese manga magazines from the early Meiji period (1868-1912) as well as current popular works from Japan and other countries. Until 2008, the museum of its constituents to 300,000 exhibits. Kyoto was just incidentally, was the venue for the International Manga Summit 2008 “selected! The Ghibli Museum in Tokyo is the heart of Friends of the film animation and cartoons beat. Here, everything revolves around the Hayao Miyazaki and his team created characters in the elaborate work processes. In the colorful decorations visitors sometimes feel themselves as part of a film. The most popular animated film from the Ghibli Studios is “Spirited Away”, a highly decorated animated film of all time is, inter alia, with the Golden Bears (2002) and an Oscar (2003) award. Because of the high-ranking visits edge, it is necessary to get a ticket before visiting the museum to perform.The tour operator and Japan specialist in Munich Munchina Travel offers trips to the fairs Comiket in Tokyo, 29 31 December 2007 and the Tokyo International Anime Fair at the end of March 2008.