Robot hears on laser pointers

A team of scientists of the ‘Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) and the Emory University’ has developed a robot, via point-and-click can be instructed, objects to collect. The selected objects are the robot simply by a green laser pointer. The researchers see this as a step towards robots assistance for patients with severe movement restrictions. “We consider the Fetching objects as a core capability for future robots in the medical care and at home,” said Charlie Kemp, head of research teams. On the one hand, it was important that robots such as cleaning work umlagern items, on the other hand, be it for more complex tasks such as cooking required that a robot which can fetch even utensils. Just this feature with the ‘El-E’ robot called now demonstrated. With one arm he objects such as towels, medicinal vial or telephones record – from the ground and also from higher shelves. The green laser pointer serves as a means of communication and offers two major advantages. First, the control for the user intuitive. “We humans naturally point to things,” said Kemp. Most would add verbal explanations. Exactly but for robots would be very difficult to understand, they might be able to identify predefined objects. This is the second advantage of point-and-click operation by laser pointer. If the green light at a selected object is for El-E clear that he should get this. What it is or how it is, the robot is not even understand. The current state of development of El-E was in mid-March at a conference in Amsterdam. The researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology and Emory University to develop the robot now, for example, light switches to operate or doors open. This really long-term practical robots in large numbers, they work with patients involved in the lateral Amyotrophic suffer – a nerve disease characterized by severe movement restrictions.