The robot Korean competitor in the Japanese Asimo week, Professor Oh Jun-Ho was sacred “Man of the Year 2004” at the Institute of Advanced Sciences and Technologies of Korea (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, KAIST), including its work on humanoid robot. He met in recent days to an interview published on Oh My News, in which he explained the specific characteristics and challenges of humanoid robot Hubo. Hubo is a direct competitor Asimo, the robot developed by Japanese Honda: a comparable size (120 cm), it may evolve over two legs, shake hands or carry out specific tasks. One of its main specificities is to have hands with each of the fingers are independent. But the father of the robot can boast especially the speed with which it was developed (two years) and the related budget: “In fact, it may take more than $ 500 000 were invested in this research,” considers Jun-Ho Oh, and although the total budget is usually estimated at one million dollars, it is far from the $ 300 million spent on a Honda Asimo over the past 10 years. “I do not think Hubo is higher than Asimo. This is incredible and deserves our respect. But I dare say that the birth of Hubo is an important step in our competition with the Japanese, “explains the professor, adding that the Korean robot will very soon climb stairs, as is already doing its Japanese equivalent. On the question of what can be used humanoid robots, he said “we can consider three practice.” “The first is abstract. A humanoid robot is the symbol of technology and technological mastery. If we were not able to produce comparable to a robot Asimo in Korea, we could not do recognize our technological credibility. ” The second use is indirect: this kind of research “is a platform for the automation and artificial intelligence” and can therefore boost industries that can provide the components necessary to operate the robot. Finally, the last usage is direct: “humanoid robots could themselves become an industry,” says Jun-Ho Oh, ensuring have been contacted by an American investor who seeks to create a theme park based on andro