Kondo KHR-2HV

robotBe one of the FIRST in the world to own the latest humanoid robot by Kondo Robotics.The Kondo KHR-1 was one of the coolest robots ever made. It appeared countless times on Japanese, Korean and European television networks, making it one of the most highly publicized robots ever. Now, the KHR-2HV has taken over with more sophisticated servos and an easier to use control interface. Continue reading

World’s Best Robot

jugo-para-dolor-cabezaThe most difficult type of robot to design and build is a humanoid or android (unless you use very large feet). The Honda Motor Company in Japan started research on biped (two footed) walking in 1986 producing the famous prototypes P1, P2, P3 and now Asimo. The latest, July 2005, Asimo (so far only seen in Japan) can run, momentarily lifting both feet off the ground on each step. Honda are continuing their research and consider that in 15 to 20 years time they will have added sufficient intelligence to the robot to enable it to learn from its environment. Continue reading

Japanese researchers develop a new generation of robots

http://www.pinktentacle.com/images/nonverbal_robot.jpgJapanese researchers develop a new generation of robots. The machines emulate the natural behavior of humans and animals to and show feelings.
Curious Tama turns her head in the direction of the approaching steps. When she sees Toshihiro Tashima, gets her entire body in joyful movement. Lovingly takes Tashima in the arm. It does not bother him that Tamas nose pointed to the side and legs are a little plump. However, it is his own creation: Tamas black and grey tiger skin is a mini robots, program filled with chips and dotted with sensors.
On programmed feeling: “There should lebensahnlich effect and cause feelings,” said the researchers of the Omron Corporation in Kyoto its digital Schmusetier. Depending on the situation, the plush robot anger, fear or surprise. He miaut if he wants to arm, gentle stroking calls a content Schnurren. About his long-term memory Robot recognizes the animal and its owner situations. Tashima proudly led a month ago his cat machines to the public. Tama is the latest model of a new generation of robots, which not only caused a sensation in Japan. Continue reading

The robot Korean competitor in the Japanese Asimo

http://www.robots-dreams.com/Asimo_and_me-sm.jpgLast week, Professor Oh Jun-Ho was sacred “Man of the Year 2004” at the Institute of Advanced Sciences and Technologies of Korea (Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology, KAIST), including its work on humanoid robot. He met in recent days to an interview published on Oh My News, in which he explained the specific characteristics and challenges of humanoid robot Hubo. Hubo is a direct competitor Asimo, the robot developed by Japanese Honda: a comparable size (120 cm), it may evolve over two legs, shake hands or carry out specific tasks. One of its main specificities is to have hands with each of the fingers are independent. But the father of the robot can boast especially the speed with which it was developed (two years) and the related budget: “In fact, it may take more than $ 500 000 were invested in this research,” considers Jun-Ho Oh, and although the total budget is usually estimated at one million dollars, it is far from the $ 300 million spent on a Honda Asimo over the past 10 years. “I do not think Hubo is higher than Asimo. This is incredible and deserves our respect. Continue reading