ASIMO – Honda latest generation of humanoid robot


The latest generation of Honda’s robot ASIMO humanoid gave Barcelona its European debut. Honda hopes that he could one day be so advanced that it is a real human assistance. The new ASIMO embodies several significant technological improvements over its predecessors, including a new, schnittigeres design, yet more fluid and quick movements and the ability of almost 6 km / h to run. The agile ASIMO has many other new capabilities in terms of its mobility and intelligence. Improved speed and mobility:
* Running (6 km / h)
* Running in the curve (5 km / h)
* Call on the spot
* Slalom Run (5 km / h)
Improved functions to work in close to the people:
* Interaction with people who recognize ASIMO
* Interaction with people, he calculated their distance
* Greetings from passersby
* Go hand in hand and moving in sync
* A tray and prevent over
* A tray holding go
* A car sliding, and the direction of change
* In many ways, with a car around
Honda shows for the first time the new ASIMO in Europe, the latest generation of Honda’s remarkable results of research in humanoid robots, “said William De Braekeleer, Corporate PR Manager of Honda Motor Europe. “The previous generation of ASIMO amazed people with liquid movements. The new ASIMO achieved a new level in terms of this mobility and interaction with people and could put his Honda goal, to develop a robot that can support vulnerable people.”
Europe itself provides Honda by European Research Institute an important contribution to the development of future generations of ASIMO. This focus on improving the robot intelligence in the center. The Honda Research Institute (Europe) in Offenbach is currently working with 17 European universities and research centers in the field of intelligent systems and cognitive intelligence. The European debut took place during II Jornades de Robotic in biomedical research park in Barcelona, the city of Barcelona as part of the “Science Year” programmed organized. The new ASIMO will run until September 29 in Barcelona and in a number of specific shows for the public and schoolchildren of the city. On 28 September, the ausbildungs for darned role of the robot, the inspiration of scientists and engineers of the next generation, in the Nit de la Recerca underlined the “Researchers in Europe” event in the European Commission with the aim of European researchers and scientists in the centre stage.
The new ASIMO can better interact with people and their commands. He leads more effectively than before many tasks, including moving a car and carrying objects. Among the most important progress made by the new ASIMO include:
1st Improved interaction with people
Since ASIMO its surroundings with its visual sensors, the floor surface sensor, ultrasonic sensor and an IC Ferninteraktions communication card * can see, it is an autonomous interaction with people. Through the coordinated use of its eye cameras in the head and the (kinesthetic) sensors on its wrists ASIMO can give and receive objects, such as a tray. With the help of these sensors can ASIMO force the hand of his counterpart and to keep in sync.
(* 1) IC Ferninteraktions communication card: By adding an optical communication function to the IC tag allows the existence and location of a person or an object identified. With this card, ASIMO can location and identity of a person within a radius of 360 °.
2nd Wearing objects with the help of a car
ASIMO can now move freely moving car and with the help of his force sensors at the wrists the right and power of his left arm so that the car is kept in a suitable distance. Even if the movement of the car is disturbed, ASIMO its way through flexible measures such as braking or direction changes.
3rd Run
Through the proactive management of its stance if both feet off the ground, ASIMO can almost 6 km / h run. Moreover, ASIMO at high speed run in a circle, as his body priority by tilt into the interior of the circle is shifted to offset centrifugal occurring.
Honda continues the development of ASIMO with the aim continues one day a robot to produce the people with reduced mobility and help for people in hazardous working environments.
ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility – progress in innovative mobility) is the world’s most advanced humanoid robots. He can run forward and backward, climb stairs, even without a break and turn the balance even on slopes and uneven surfaces. Honda engineers began in 1986 with the development of a humanoid robot with the aim of ensuring that one day these vulnerable people. After years of research and development formed an advanced humanoid robot, which works in real environments. ASIMO gave its European debut on 30 June 2003 at the Technical University of Darmstadt, where he worked for a symposium under the title “From High Tech to Intelligence – The Challenge of Humanoid Robots” (From High Tech to intelligence – the challenge humanoid robots) was the first time.