ASIMO – Honda latest generation of humanoid robot


The latest generation of Honda’s robot ASIMO humanoid gave Barcelona its European debut. Honda hopes that he could one day be so advanced that it is a real human assistance. The new ASIMO embodies several significant technological improvements over its predecessors, including a new, schnittigeres design, yet more fluid and quick movements and the ability of almost 6 km / h to run. The agile ASIMO has many other new capabilities in terms of its mobility and intelligence. Continue reading

Advanced Robotics Research

Scientists at the Honda Research Institute have recently released a demo video of their latest state of the art humanoid robot: MiniAsimo. The culmination of years of research in robotics, nano-technology and chemoastrophysrobology, MiniAsimo contains the same functionality as the original Asimo model, while standing a mere 1.5 inches tall.

One of the robots bipedes the most advanced in the world

For the development of movements of ASIMO, Honda has studied
and used as a model coordinated movements
and complex human body. The proportions and position of the joints of ASIMO resemble those of a human being and, in many respects, the robot has a range of movement comparable to ours.
Using a new advanced mobility system developed
Honda, ASIMO can not only move forward, backward,
but also to move sideways, up or down stairs and turn in walking.
In this regard, ASIMO is the robot that imitates the movements better
Walking natural human beings. Continue reading