Fujitsu Automation unveils robot HOAP-3

  robot HOAP-3

The Honda robot ASIMO has a new friend recently – the humanoid robot HOAP-3 Fujitsu Automation. Small in size with 60cm and weighing 8.8kg, it is equipped with image recognition and various sensors. With a Pentium M processor running at 1.1GHz under RT-Linux, HOAP-3 would be a target of choice for developers “home” of applications. Fujitsu Automation has announced that the interface internal information hardware / software for unity emerge soon. The simulation software pre-confirmation control programs is included for those who want to program it themselves. Although there is no price tag for the moment on this robot, Fujitsu Automation is currently accepting orders for the HOAP-3. The HOAP-3 is already past 2 iterations since 2001, with names appropriate HOAP-1 and HOAP-2. In increase in the capacity of movements, recognition and external features of communication, the HOAP-3 is the culmination of 4 years of intense research development work. A camera, a microphone, a loudspeaker, LED expression, based on audio recognition, voice synthesis function, and according to image recognition, were added. This makes it viable for research involving human communication and hand-eye coordination. The sensor distance of HOAP-3, grip, and acceleration are controlled by wireless LAN or wired. You can find more details in the press release (site in Japanese).