Lights, camera, action, started! Obsolete industrial robots have a new profession.

industrial robotsCamera work in film is one of the most complex works, the choice of the correct position to take, smoothness and accuracy of camera movements, and much, much more significant effect on the quality of filmed footage. In this context, skilled cameramen are among the most expensive film industry workers, from which depends greatly on the success of films and videos removed. Lynell Jeff (Jeff Linnell), founder of Auto fuss, dealing with commercial filming movies and advertising, decided to go to a new, not yet well-trodden path. His company bought three copies of industrial robots Fanuc s430iL, which have already exceeded their time in the automotive industry, and upgrade them, and control software so that these robots can successfully cope with complex camera work in a professional manner.

Robots Fanuc s430iL, were named Puck, Gilda, and Rosie, are manipulators with six degrees of freedom, a positioning accuracy of robots is 0.3 mm. Due to this, the camera onboard the robot can move on very complex trajectories, while maintaining the speed and smoothness of movement. The only difficulty encountered by engineers to Auto fuss was that bought robots have been delivered without any documentation that is not currently a big problem. Once the necessary documentation was found on the expanse of the Internet, it took a little time to develop appropriate software running which work at the moment, the three robotic cameramen.

Since the beginning of cinematic career of robots with their help was shot a number of promotional videos for companies, including companies such as Apple, Nike, Radio Shack and Sprint. In the video provided below you can find yet another work, done with the help of robots, promotional material, removed by order of Louis Vinton (Louis Vinton).

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