Robot BallP, balancing on the ball, it is impossible to blame.

Robot BallPJapanese researchers from the University of Tohoku Gakuin University published a new video, which provided them a new development, the robot BallP, Ball Inverted Pendulu, move around, balancing on a basketball ball. Thanks to accurate and fast control system the robot can carry a glass of water filled to the brim without spilling a drop of water. Also, thanks to the new system, the robot is able to remain in an upright position, even if it strongly pushed. Unlike its American predecessor, the robot BallBot , which is merely “a maverick”, Japanese robots can join the team and work simultaneously, performing tasks that are not on the shoulder, one copy of the robot, for example, porter age of heavy and oversized cargoes.

To maintain the balance of the robot BallP, height of 50 cm and weighing 7.5 kg, using three independent rotors, equipped with electric drives. With the same rotor control system of the robot, which uses signals from embedded sensors, accelerometers and solid-state gyroscopes, can instantly change the direction of motion, without the risk of any reversal. Owing to the small size and high maneuverability, such robots can move in difficult conditions cluttered warehouse or office space.

The robot was developed BallP Masaki Kumgang (Masaaki Kumagai) and such Oshiai (Takaya Ochiai) from the Laboratory to develop new designs robots Department of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems University of Tohoku Gakuin in Japan (Robot Development Engineering Laboratory, Department of Mechanical Engineering and Intelligent Systems, Tohoku Gakuin University).

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