Quince – universal robot comes to “service” in Japanese rescue units.

universal robotUniversal Robots, to help emergency services during natural disasters and catastrophes, have repeatedly proven their effectiveness in carrying out rescue operations. And now the rescue services in Japan have at their disposal a new universal mobile robot Quince, developed jointly by experts Tohoku University (Tohoku University), Cibo Institute of Technology (Chiba Institute of Technology) and the International Institute for rescue systems (Japan International Rescue System Institute). This eight-robot is designed so that it can be used in the most difficult conditions of chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear emergency.

universal robot-1With overall dimensions of this robot 655x481x225 mm, its weight is 26 kilograms. To assess the environmental situation and environmental measurements robot equipped with a mass of different sensors, laser scanner, acting as a range finder, and infrared teplovizornoy system. For communication with the control center equipment is used wireless Wi-Fi, in the case of detection of the victims, they can inform the rescue service data on its location and condition, using two-way audio communication. To enter on a robot equipped with a primitive manipulator, allowing him to open doors and move small objects.

Due to universal motor system the robot can move freely on the stairs and inclines. The design of the robot Quince allows him to withstand the devil injuries falling from a height of 1.5-2 meters.

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