The company Boston Dynamics publishes new videos of improved models of robots and Petman BigDog.

BostonThe company Boston Dynamics, specializing in the development of bipedal and quadruped robots, mainly for military use, published in the new service You Tube videos demonstrating the potential of new models walking robots Pitman and Big Dog which we have been told before. The updated robot Pitman can now move with speed 6.5 km / h, almost a quarter of greater than previously achieved results. Unfortunately, the robot has not yet received a hand that would give it additional stability during movement.

Most of the video, demonstrating the robot Big Dog, old, but now video can be viewed in the resolution of 720p, which is certainly better quality than the previous videos. In the video, from the moment 2m 35c, demonstrates the possibility of Big Dog robot to run at a speed of 8 km / h. It focuses on the fact that during this rapid movement there are those moments when all four legs of the robot are separated from the surface, quite simply, robot hovers in the air. At the end of the video demonstrates the ability of Big Dog robot to overcome obstacles.

Petman BigDog-1And, finally, Boston Dynamics engineers to solve the problem of noise levels emitted by the robot, which prevented the further implementation of the robot. Now, through the use of hydraulics and hydraulic motors, the noise level emitted by the robot, fell several times.

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