Gentleman robot meets for the first time in Switzerland

Asimo robot had yesterday at the fair Swiss Oerlikon-Moto in his first appearance in Switzerland. Quite Gentleman, he brought on Valentine’s Day with a rose. was deceiver can go as a man dancing on one leg and even climb stairs: What every small child sometime masters, means the robot research milestone Asimo is the most advanced human-robot. Behind his capabilities are over 20 years of research in the Honda laboratories. Motorcycles could benefit from Asimo
The 1.20-meter guy visited yesterday for the first time Switzerland: The Swiss-Moto Zweiradmesse he touched the drum for the advertising department of the Japanese motorcycle group. “Asimo is to be a pure research project,” says Roland fresh heart, Switzerland at Honda motorcycle head of the department. “‘s Quite possible that the motorcycles at some point he will benefit.” Conceivably, bikes, the weight shift and never tilt.
“Night Vision”: Eyesight correction in the night
Already in a series product incorporates the other hand, object recognition, which was developed for Asimo. It has since 2004 as “Night Vision” their service, and help in the night in the detection of poorly visible objects ( reported). Asimo As a people “recognize”, is the second video.
Robots will soon replace the cleaning lady?
Longer will it take until the cleaning lady robot substitute: “Commercial versions will be the earliest in 15 years,” says fresh heart. However, it is Honda’s stated goal of humanoid robots in hospitals and retirement homes to care for the rapidly aging Japanese society.
Asimo presented a rose
A new trick has learned Asimo, however: Suitable for Valentine’s Day he presented yesterday the first time a staff member a rose. Who Asimo with your own eyes will see, this may be starting today at the fair Swiss-Moto do: Until the end of fair, 18 February, he four times a day.